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I'm Casey, 23, NYC singer & actress, and this is the stuff I like.
Apr 24 '12


Comedy Bang! Bang!: Finger Guns

With the Spring 2012 semester coming to a close, we are contractually obligated to have our 15 year-old intern Marissa Wompler visit. I cannot reiterate how much this is not our choice, especially now that she’s accompanied by her faculty mentor Miss Listler. We try to make the best of it with the return of Jukebox Jury and a game of What Am I Thinking?, but try as we might we can’t seem to pry Marissa away from her constant need to yell and discuss her changing body. Once again, our apologies.

GREAT episode

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    GREAT episode
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    The ladies from BFF were on Comedy Bang! Bang! this week. The first two episodes of that show have been pretty good. I...
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    One of my faaav episodes, and I’m only halfway through.
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